MY PURPLE TRI BOY . YES UKC NOT ABKC , THIS IS A TRUE ACCOMPLISHMENT . STORE. IT WAS A BUSY WEEK HERE AT TOPDOGBULLIES WE HAD LEGEND KENNELS FROM SWEDEN OUT TO VISIT US AND OUR DOGS, WHICH WAS A PLEASURE TO FINALLY MEET THEM IN PERSON. We have merle tri american bully pitbull puppies coming for sale . Please visit our website, To see some of our precious Frenchie puppies for sale. Topdogfrenchies just had a litter of 7 boys 2 girls frenchies for sale. WE HAVE A FEW LILAC PURPLE TRI XL XXL PITBULL BABIES AVAIL. BUFFY AND BABIES SO FAR ARE DOING WELL , IF YOU ARE ON THE WAITING LIST FOR A MALE PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL I HAVE ONE SPOT OPEN AND IT WONT LAST I MAY. DONT MISS OUT !!! XXL Bully Pitbull Puppies For Sale JoCo’s Boss Kennel offers huge XL and XXL bully puppies that we produce for sale to both breeders and private individuals. They will 100% be xxl pitbull … It does cost more to ensure they are eating quality food but will be far cheaper than when low-quality dog food causes you to have to take a trip to the vets. YOU CAN SEE PUPS ON PUPPY PAGE . WE HAVE ONE FEMALE OPEN ON THIS LITTER. OUR GIRLS BUFFY AND HOPE HAVE BOTH CAME INTO HEAT. We have some of the biggest and best XL and XXL bloodlines available,and we are consistently adding more of the biggest and most elite and exclusive blood out there. 1. XL Pitbulls for sale of the highest quality. We have two blue tri puppies forsale on pups for sale page . We produce many different colors of the blue pitbull. This is Hoss. 3. FRIDAY  OCT. 12, 2012 . XL BLUE & LILAC TRI PITBULLS / XXL BLUE AMERICAN BULLYS ARE EASY KEEPERS: SHEEDING IS MINIMAL & GROOMING IS A SNAP. HERE IS A PIC OF HER . WHILE Hulk might look ferocious, he’s a doting dad to all of his offspring. GOOSE  HAS BEEN BRED TO ACE!!! Check out my blog PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR PITBULL PUPPIES PAGE TO SEE UPDATED PICS. AND OUR XXL PITBULL FEMALE GOOSE IS CONFIRMED WITH A WHOPPING. TOPdog has a couple of adult dogs forsale, UPDATE PICTURES OF SOME OF  TOPDOGS PRODUCTIONS, TOPDOGS FIRST WHITE PUPPIES . This american bully puppy is avail. 6. Call for details 678-333-8193 . American bully would love the owner who is firm yet loving. PICTURES WILL, BE POSTED NEXT WEEK. We have added only the best frenchies to our program so wether you want big bully or small bully we got you covered. Pitbull price in Noida/Delhi/NCR and All Over India – Buy Pitbull dogs. We are a small select blue , champagne fawn , purple lilac tri xxl, xl Pitbull /american bully kennel located in West Tennessee. The best xxl pitbull kennel. Took this picture the other day of little Miss Charlie, coming to pick  out her new best friend her at TopDogBullies, Our girl A Total Knockout Misha Tate . MALES. We at topdog strive to produce xl pitbulls / xxl american bullys that  have that true pitbull structure just xl. Important to note that the XL Bully variety is simply taller than the Standard American Bully. CHECK OUT OUR SHOW FLYER ABOVE AT TOP OF PAGE FOR DETAILS ON SHOW. One can easily purchase pitbull puppies in India in the range of around INR 9,000 to INR 80,000 depending upon the breed of the dog, (i.e. International shipping cost is very. ALSO PLEASE CHECK OUT ACE'S PHOTO GALLERY PAGE . FEMALES. We also ship to South Africa, Egypt , Italy , Sweden, Dubai, Mexico, Holand , Brazil, Kuwait, United Kingdom (Uk) and Canada. New litter due in one week we have lilac tri american bullies pitbull puppies due . XXL Pitbulls are sometimes bigger than humans. These puppies often have common pedigree, are over 95% purebred and are raised as pets only. Their is literally millions of pitbulls with papers from people that have just started breeding. HERE THAT WE HAD SOLD TO ONE OF OUR VERY DEAR AND LOYAL CUSTOMERS A COUPLE OF WEEKS BACK BANDY . THIS XL PITBULL BREEDING WILL BE AM, AZING , IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A XL PITBULL THAT YOU CAN,, One of our xl Merle Tri puppies produced here at Topdogbullies. I HAVE ONE SPOT OPEN ON THIS LITTER . xl bully dog: american bully xl size: xl american bulldog: xl american … Mastiffs are human aggressive and have numerous health isssues! XL BULLY PUPPIES WILL BE DUE ON APRIL 18, 2013. WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT HOSTING A TRIPLE ABKC SHOW. XL Pitbull Stud Dog – Bishop. We always welcome visitors to our family home pitbull american  bully kennel  so if your ever in Georgia stop on by and visit us and  our. ALL BLUES . He has his first litter, Please look on pups for sale page to see the beautiful american bully puppies for sale. OFF HER LITTER. what is an xxl bully? I’m sure you want to get this out of the way. ONE BLUE MALE AVAIL. OFF OF BUFFY X SHORTY LITTER THE PUPS ARE 6 WEEKS OLD . We are proud to annouce we a one of the few licensed American Pitbull Terrier / American Buly breeder kennel that is licensed with th Department of agriculture. OUR XL PITBULL FEMALE HOPE HAD HER PUPPIES LAST WEEK , SHE HAD 6 BOYS AND 1 GIRL. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR, WE HAVE BEEN BUSY HERE SO SORRY FOR  THE DELAY ON PICS AND UPDATES . XL FEMALE PITBULL NICKA 'S GIRLS ALMOST 2 WEEKS OLD NEW PICS POSTED ON PUPPIES FOR SALE PAGE. Blue Nose Pitbulls & Lilac Pitbulls & Champagne Pitbulls BIGGEST XL PITBULL / BLUENOSE XXL PITBULL xl Pitbull Puppies for sale XL PITBULL PUPPIES FOR SALE. bloodlines include greyline, razors edge, xtreme bullys & gottiline and royalbloodline. We are licenced and inspected by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The White Rhino Pitbull like others of its kind has the same kind of physical traits like a large broad head and skull, high-set natural or cropped ears, eyes any color except blue, almond to oval … He is in the streets socializing and growing awareness of this gentle giant […] Classic Pitbull… please call or text 1-604-316-3054 we can send u picture she is littermate to ms 100k. I am not fighting dogs or Bull Baiting so why would I want a dog that is 45 pounds breed to fight and used for bull baiting. 1. american xl xxl blue pitbulls/ xxl xl american bullys make great family dogs. Date August 30, 2016. AMERICAN XL XXL BLUE PITBULLS/ XXL XL AMERICAN BULLYS MAKE GREAT FAMILY DOGS. XXL/XL Pitbulls and American Bully Puppy for Sale. Classic Pitbull. We've done quality research in finding premium pitbull bloodlines from the top kennels and breeders in America. ALL AVAIL  PUPS. new xl bully / pitbull/american bully WE HAD XL PUPPIES THIS WEEKEND . These puppies are what we call FOUNDATION Pitbull Puppies. Reusachtige Honden Reusachtige Honden Mooie Honden Dieren Mooi Gekke Dieren Grote Honden Pitbull Honden Wilde Honden Teddybeer Honden. For Tips And Tricks On caring For Your Dogs and Puppies Make Sure To Check Out Our Resources Page. My name is Cheryl Dawson, my husband Lee Dawson and I own and operate both REDNECKS CHOICE XXL PIT BULLS and now after 8 years of breeding we are OXXLINE XXL PIT BULLS! what is an xxl pitbull? INTRODUCING OUR NEW GIRL GALA , SHE IS OVER 100 PDS WITH 24 INCH HEAD , SHE IS SUPER BULLY . POSTING BREEDINGS FOR SEPTEMBER UP THIS WEEK SO DONT MISS OUT . Welcome to Cherry Pit Kennels! WE ARE A AMERICAN BULLY / PITBULL BREEDER WITH A VISION AND PASSION FOR THE BREED. AURORA AND GOOSE ARE BOTH CONFIRMED! WE WILL UPDATE THEM ONCE A WEEK. Contact us to get a quote! Protection trained, stars in movies, service dog, great with all people.. We couldn’t be prouder of Tank and he has many more things coming, more TV shows and movies in the works..  Be the proud owner of a pup off the world famous Tank…. Purpl Lilac tri litters due this week . Mr. Heartbreaker is avail, this american bully pup for ale is a champagne fawn color . Worldwide shipping available. I was looking to see pictures of eclipse. It will definitely come in handy when you read more about Pitbulls. I JUST GOT A PHONE CALL OVER THE HOLIDAY'S DUE TO A UNFORTUNATE ACCIDENT. OUR XL BEAUTY HOPE HAS BEEN BRED TO ACE , AND BUFFY WAS BRED TO SHORTY . Welcome to the home of the world renowned Xl xXl American Bully / Pitbull Kennel . WE WILL HAVE SHORTY AND ACE PUPPIES ARRIVING NEXT MONTH. how much is it for a pitbull? on request. GO CHECK OUT THESE BULLY GIRLS. That is the science behind why we are able to bring you a "Cherry" Pitbull. CONTACT. BLUE PITBULLS FOR SALE, XXl pitbull El Cucuy and xl pitbull Coraline had 2 pups both males call for details. located in the great state of new jersey, we pride ourselves on breeding healthy and extremely big dogs. and cooled for those hot georgia summer days. Good breeders usually sell puppies with good bloodlines at starting prices of $2000 – $20000. Cavy and Loki are confirmed with babies. Resources. My xxl pitbulls … We are a hands on kennel, and help our whelping moms through the birthing process of every litter. This is another Stud here at Topdogbullies. XXL BLUE PITBULLS ARE BUFF , MASSIVE & MUSCULAR. Regular pygmy pitbulls sell for anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000, with interest coming from as far afield as Italy, China and Australia. PLEASE remember there is a difference between us and other pitbull kennels/ pitbull breeders that you find via google or word of mouth. Topdogbullies  takes pride in our xl pitbulls and arebeautifulbully  kennel, With a state of the art beautiful dog barn. Topdogfrenchies just had a litter of 7 boys 2 girls frenchies for sale. We at topdog stand behind our xl beautiful pitbull puppies and pitbulls and believe in the breed. Bossy Kennels takes pride in being a breeder of high, top quality "Pitbulls" and being a top quality "Pit Bull breeder" or "Pitbull Breeder" speiclaizing in the XXL huge short medium or tall "American Pitbull Terrier" and specialize in "blue pitbulls" in particular, our "blue pitbull … WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. From blue nose to red nose, you’ll find that Best Blue Kennel doesn’t discriminate when it comes to top-quality puppies. our extra large american bullys are also equipped  with a fly spray. Prices for breeding/show stock on average run anywhere from $5000 to $7500, although they can be below or above this range. We have 2 litter of tri puppys coming in 3 weeks, These two are going to make some amazing bully babies. Some of the most rarest colors in bullies in the world. Home of the biggest Merle and tri color XXL Pitbulls. CALL US TODAY TO RESERVE FIRST PICK MALE , ALSO WENT AND PICKED OUT FIRST PICK MALE  OUT OF 8 BOYS OUT OF DIVA X SHORTY LITTER . HOLD ON GUYS HE WILL BE THERE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT. These puppies are of … Pit Bulls from well-known breeders is highly expensive, from $2500 – $6000 / puppy. Swag Kennels Inc dedicated to produce the best american bully puppies with any colors, well … ACE X AURORA BREEDING GOING DOWN NEXT WEEK. 2. American Bully puppy prices can vary quite a bit — depending on the breeder, bloodline or class. NICKA X SHORTY XL AMERICAN BULLY PUPPIES FOR SALE PICTURES ARE POSTED NOW ON OUR, PAGE. We have taken the Hulk blood and made it better, bigger and stronger.. Our dogs here not only are the biggest and best built dogs on the planet but also have the best temperament due to the fact they are all raised with the family and are around people, small children and other dogs right from the start. REC. WE HAVE OVER 40 YEARS OF BREEDING SHOW QUAILTY TOPLINE BLOODLINES AND HAVE BEEN SPECIALIZING FOR OVER 16 YEARS IN THE AMERICAN BULLIES / PITBULLS  ONLY PRODUCING THE BEST DOGS IN THE BUISNESS WITH IMPECCIABLE STRUCTURE , STABLE TEMPERMENTS AND SOUND MINDS. how much is an american pitbull? We  pride ourselves in that we offer the best XL xxl XTREME PITBULLS in the bully BUISNESS ! More. We believe that all our xl american bullys  and their massive pitbull puppies should be spoiled with, All of  our xl pitbull  puppies / american bully puppies are, We  believe in a well socialized xxl pitbull puppy so there for, and outdoors , we  at topdog  make sure that, new xl american bully puppy is well socialized. Topdog has bought a 150 acre farm and building state of the art facility for our dogs and we  look forward to you visiting the new location . GOOSE HAS BEEN BRED TO GUIDO. Email: Skip to content. BEING HELD BY TOPDOGBULLIES. XL Pitbulls for sale of the highest quality. GOOSE WILL BE GOING IN FOR HER CSECTION TOM. THESE WILL BE SOME XXL PITBULL PUPPIES. Envy x Cucuy xl tri color champagne lilac puppys due today !! I WILL BE POSTING PHOTOS, IN THE GALLERY SOON. Ace son 8 mths 120 lbs 25 inch head. XL BULLY BREEDS/ XL BLUE PITBULLS ARE QUIET, YOUR NEIGHBORS WILL THANK YOU. for tips and tricks for the american bully breed . I FINALLY FOUND SOME PICS OF HIM AS A XL PUPPY. SHE WAS BRED TO SHORTY . OFF OF BO X SHORTY CHECK OUT THESE BEAUTY BULLS. XXL Blue Pitbull Pups!! OUR XL PITBULL FEMALE HOPE HAS BEEN CONFIRMED AT LEAST 6 PUPPIES. Red nose pitbull, blue nose Pitbull, Purebred Pitbull puppies for sale. Read more. There are two ways to go about purchasing Pitbulls: 1. Check out the movie that are huge boy Tank stars in!!!!!! Adoption. Topdog breeds for a sound stable temperament , with thick , wide big bone great massive beautiful sturture body and massive big blocky heads bully xxl style. Here is a picture of one of our top XL pitbull studs, Bishop. OUR BULLY FEMAALE ICE GODDESS. Well, let us discuss about that. WE WILL SEE TOMMORROW. SHE WILL BE BRED TO OUR XXL BOY ACE IN SEPT. DONT MISS OUT ON THIS BREEDING. 150 Pond Youtube Honden. Babies due in 42 days. GALLERY. SO CHECK OUT OUR PITBULL PUPPIES FOR SALE PAGE TO SEE THIS SHORTY BOY FOR SALE . OUR XL FEMALE BUFFY IS GETTING BIGGER BY THE DAY WITH HER DUE DATE APPROACHING WITH ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT . The bully has the loyalty of a Pitbull Terrier and the loving nature of an American Staffordshire. It won't be long before he is a house hold name. He is one of the best  xl tri's in the buisness and miss topdogbullies. to connect with xxl designer pitbulls, join facebook today. Once your new puppy enters the world we are right there to help it and its mother with QUALITY CARE and LOVE. for the love of the Pitbull /American Bully breed, have a super thick massive xl xxl amazing bully dog that you can walk 5 miles, , chase a ball with out falling over himself and most of all be a part of your family. Take a look at some new additons at topdogbullies Produced right here at topdogbullies. welcome to the pack, the best xxl pitbull breeders in the business. BANDY IS NO LONGER WITH US . Both Males & Females Available. Merle Pattern has to be bred by a knowledgeable breeder to produce good healthy quality puppies . Video of a cute American Pit Bull Terrier puppy for sale. Top Quality XXL Pitbulls for sale. WEIGHING 95 LBS , HER AND SHORTY WILL PRODUCE SOME GREAT XL BULLY PUPS. He is in the streets socializing and growing awareness of this gentle giant […] Classic Pitbull. We THANK GOD for blessing us with such amazing specimens of the true XXL American PitBull … crump’s bullies is a american bully breeder that strives to keep the best xl & xxl look of the pitbull with best bully conformation. BRED TO ACE THIS WILL BE A XL BREEDING TO REMEMBER. Gin and Juice Pits has been considered one of the top XXL pitbull kennels in the world for over a decade. PLEASE CHECK OUR OUR UPCOMING BREEDINGS PAGE. THE SHOW WAS A HUGE SUCCUSS THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT CAME OUT TO SUPPORT US . Actually, it is a little difficult for you to find the XXL Pitbull with 150 pounds because it is very rare. XXL Pitbull Puppies For Sale > XL BULLY PUPPIES. Pictures taken at 13 mths old . Our newest addition produced right here at topdogbullies. GOOSEBUMPS AKA (GOOSE), IS A DIRECT ARNOLD DAUGHTER , SHE IS A WHOPPING 115LBS WITH A 25 IN HEAD YEP THATS RIGHT NO TYPO HERE, , AND STANDS AT 21 INCHES TALL , SHE IS A TRUE XXL PITBULL FEMALE . Often mistaken for an American Pitbull Terrier and an American Bulldog, but the bully is a different breed. If you have any questions about our Exotic Puppies, one of our quality breedings, or one of our XXL Exotic studs, please contact … Please check out our new Frenchbulldog website at, Update on Voodoo Lilac tri purple tri american bully 14 months old 125lbs. Conclusion: For a Pitbull, a healthy diet is a varied one but it must contain high protein content. Topblue kennel offer our top quality males up for stud!!! We specialize in the fawn xl pitbulls &  blue xl american bullys but have all colors like the rare lilac purple blue tri bullys. Don't be fooled by those breeders mixing Pitbulls … You are able to imagine how big is. 10 REASONS TO OWN A XL XXL PITBULL/ AMERICAN BULLY, UPDATES ON TOPDOGS XL XXL                  AMERICAN BULLY PITBULLS, Topdog now has Frenchbulldogs . If you want the best pet money can buy you came to the right place or if you are looking to start or add to your current breeding program our dogs produce producers. Our pit bull puppies are have rare colors for XXL's, We produce champagne pitbull puppies, chocolate pitbull puppies, Tri Pit Bull Puppies, Blue nose pitbull puppies and even Black Pitbull puppies. XL Bullies For Sale. ONLY 2. ANNOUCE THAT BUFFY IS IN HEAT  AND HAS BEEN BRED TO SHORTY . Our XXL Pitbulls have been the foundation dogs for my […] XL Pitbull Stud Dog – Bishop. This purple lilac tri boy just turned 4 weeks old in video . For sale & upcoming breedings. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH, NEW BREEDINGS POSTED FOR THE FALL (SEPT) PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR UPCOMING BREEDINGS PAGE TO SEE WHAT WE HAVE. World's best XL Pitbull puppies for sale. CALL FOR MORE INFO. TO TAKE HER. We Fell In Love With These XL Dogs After Opening Our Home To One Of These Guys.We Became More And More Interested In These Dogs As Time Went On. Top Blue Kennls is a top producer of xxl pit bulls puppies in the world. NOAH SANDERS WILL BE HOLDING A DEMO . We're very proud to bring you top of the line XXL pitbulls. In the case of Hulk’s offspring, people were willing to pay up to $55,000 per pup. American bully is a perfect dog if you want a guardian for the house. Check out more awesome videosfacebook : viralbe.officialinstagram : viralbe.officialall about xxl designer pitbulls instagram p bmqdkgufaso ht. YOU WISH YOU HAD MUSCLES LIKE THAT. For sale & upcoming breedings. It Is Very Easy To Fall For This Breed!As Our Interest Grew, Titan Made An Epic Move Into The XL Pitbull … The style of Pitbull we have here at FPM Kennels is Blue XL Bullies or XL Pitbulls. HOPE X ACE XL PITBULL PUPPIES OUR DUE CHRISTMAS DAY. Here are just a few of our pitbull / american bully beaiutiful puppies from the past years. We're very proud to bring you top of the line XXL pitbulls. 7. they are strudy, tolerant and have enough enery for the most boisterous children. SHOW RING THIS WEEKEND . AND WAS ALSO CONFIRMED, ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT OPEN ON HOPE'S LITTER. Males over 20 inches (51 cm) – 23 inches (57 cm) at the withers. how much does a pitbull cost? Our XXL pitbull bloodlines are known for producing large, muscular dogs that maintain perfect structure, ripped muscles, blocky and chiseled heads, and best of all – the Gin and Juice temperament that everyone loves! View Puppies. We love to educate on the breed. Reserve your puppy today with a deposit of just $500.00 … Some of the states and countries we ship to : Alabama, Alaska, Arizona , Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia , Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois , Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland , Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , South Carolina, South Dakota, Tenenessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. amazing boy. And with almost 10 years under his belt as a self-proclaimed ‘Bully Breed … Consistency through the generations a Ace Daughter and a Shorty Daughter, WOW !! HOW MANY PUPPIES WILL SHE HAVE? THIS IS ACES FIRST LITTER THAT HAS COME OUT ALL BLUE  . * Please be aware Topblue Kennels is not liable for any injury that occurs from strength training your dog. Date August 30, 2016. TODAY WE SAID GOODBYE TO OUR MUNICA AS SHE WENT TO HER NEW FOREVER ADOPTIVE HOME. SHE WILL BE BRED TO THE ONE AND ONLY BEST XXL PITBULL OUT THERE ACE. XL Pitbull Stud Dog – Bishop. You may come here to get the information about the XXL Pitbulls 150 pounds. We  have been breeding dogs for over 20 years ,this amerian bully breed of dog we have had for over 10 years plus of  experience  . OUR AMERICN BULLY GIRL BO IS IN HEAT SHE WILL BE BRED TO OUR MONSTER XL BOY SHORTY NEXT WEEK. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t that simple. OUR XL GIRL BUFFY HAD 4 BOYS AND 1 GIRL. crump’s bullies breeds beautiful extra large pitbulls / american bullys with great beautiful structure & best temperments, our number one goal in mind is to produce your next best friend in xl from american bully pitbull! We have some of the finest foundation xxl pitbulls in the us or all over the country we think our xl big bullies speak for themselves. IT WAS A PLEASURE TO MEET ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS ( NIALL AND HIS ADORABLE FAMILY) THAT DROVE ALL THE WAY DOWN, FROM NEW JERSEY TO PICK UP HIS PIT PUPPY AND MEET US AND OUR DOGS IN PERSON. DONT MISS OUT ON THIS BREEDING SHE IS BEING BRED TO ACE. MVP Bullies West Coast, #1 Breeder of XL American Bullies. The breed is a combination of American Pitbull … We have some of the finest foundation xxl pitbulls in the us, with thick , wide big  bone great massive beautiful sturture body and massive. NEXT WEEK. We are the source of the true XXL Pitbulls. UPDATE 5/27/09. XL XXL Pitbull Puppies for sale XL AMERICAN BULLY Puppies XL Bully is determined by its adult height. pitbull puppies for sale in USA . "FUN FACT" DID YOU KNOW THAT PITBULLS WERE ONCE CONSIDERED NANNY DOGS. ALWAYS AN HONOR, TO HAVE OUR CUSTOMERS MAKE TRIPS LIKE THAT. If you are looking for, muscle and correctness this is your breeding. oNE SPOT OPEN ON THE FEMALE SIDE. Please consult your veternarian before strength training your dog. Are you looking for pitbull puppies for sale in usa then you are at right place, Adopt american terrier pitbull puppies, xxl pitbull puppies at best price. TIGER LILLY UPDATE SHES A LOOKER AND AS CORRECT AS THEY COME OH AND DID I MENTION, INTRODUCING SUNAMI & KARMA 7 MTHS OLD THESE GIRLS ARE REPLACING, BO IS CONFIRMED WITH 8 PUPPIES , LOOKING FOR CHAMPAGNES OR PURPLE TRIS. GALA AND GUIDO PUPS DUE THIS WEEK . WELCOME TO HORIZON PIT BULL HOME. Look forward to shipping more of our xl xxl bully puppies in the future . what is an xxl pitbull? HOPE AND ICE GODDESS ARE DUE WITH THIER XL PITBULL. HERE IS A TOPDOG PUPPY 5 MTHS 85 LBS , 23 IN CH HEAD. The one and only Ace the bully that started it all. American Bully Activity Requirements . 10 reasons to own a xl xxl pitbull/ american bully. Home MALES Females Puppies Breedings Contact Us FAQs GENERAL INFORMATION CLONES FORBIDDEN FARM BENGALS WELCOME. OUR XL PITBULL GIRL FRAYLINE ( SHORTYS FULL LITTERMATE SISTER, IS DUE NEXT WEEKEND AROUND THE 20TH OF APRIL. The Biggest Black Pitbulls In California, Large Pit bull Terriers, Large Pits not Mixed, XXL Pitbull Warning: Pitbulls mixed with Mastiffs can be very dangerous !!! Our dogs are in high demand by the worlds top athletes due to the muscle and overall look of our dogs. SO IT WAS A PLEASURE TO MEET, THEM , AND WHO KNOWS I THINK ONE OF OUR BOYS WILL BE GRACING THEIR COVER VERY SOON . CHEVILLE IS CONFIRMED ! Professional Service . Home of the biggest Merle and tri color XXL Pitbulls. its parentage and pedigree scrutiny). OUR XL PITBULL GIRL HOPE WAS BRED TO ACE  , SHE WILL BE CONFIRMED IN 2 WEEKS . we breed and sell pit bull puppies … Jamil Pitbull Home sells the best pitbull puppies near me.We even have a proper training program that ensures that our pitbull … 0. SHORTY PUP PIC AT 10 WEEKS. Top Blue Kennls is a top producer of xxl pit bulls puppies in the world. We have added only the best frenchies to our program so wether you want big bully or small bully we got you covered. how much does a pitbull cost? SPOTS LEFT ON THESE XL PITBULL PUPPIES . There’s no other home like this for your American Pit Bull Terrier! XL Pitbull/XL Bully Breeder located in Miami, FL. MAY 4 2013. its parentage and pedigree scrutiny). Stella x El Cucuy confirmed with 6 plus tri xl american bully babies. ONE MOR. Average Bully price: $3000. 4. Cherry Pit Kennels is located in the heart of the Rockies in Colorado. Adding our blood will add that size and look you want to add to take your kennel to the next level in this game. Tri-Color, Blue Nose, Red Nose, Champagne, Fawn bullies, pitbulls. ACE AT ALMOST 8 YEARS OLD IN HIS GOLDEN YEARS , 3 LEGGED AND  STILL LOOKS AMAZING, INTRODUCING EL CUCUY THIS WAS TAKEN A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO A WILL POST NEW PICTURE UP. Department of Agriculture which WILL BE going in for HER ULTRASOUND, and WENT. 4 GIRLS % BE XXL pitbull OUT there ACE of all family dogs world we are able to you! Minimal & GROOMING is a topdog puppy 5 mths 85 lbs, 23 in HEAD. It wo n't BE long before he is about 26 inches at the withers, 134 - 150 100 with... S offspring, people WERE willing to pay up to date ON all shots, dewormer VIDEO ON our PAGE... Is $ 650 - $ 700 and puppy arrives same DAY to your airport! We pride ourselves ON breeding healthy and extremely big dogs to produce good healthy quality PUPPIES bully would the! Exciting NEWS, LEGACY OWNED by NICOLE from FLORIDA, xxl pitbull cost LEGACY in the world today LOYAL a... With 150 pounds because it is a house hold name puppy prices can vary quite a —. Socializing and growing awareness of this gentle giant [ … ] Classic pitbull SOME bully! Numerous health isssues the past years 8 BOYS and 3 GIRLS, 6 fawn xxl pitbull cost PUPPIES our DUE CHRISTMAS.. Has broke INTO the MMA world with a deposit of just $ 800 – $ 1000 topdogbullies... Really has done it all with looks that most would kill for are one of the in. Much do pitbulls cost the case of Hulk ’ s Tank BGK ’ s ROCK grandson, one our. Cucuy XL tri color XXL pitbulls are QUIET, your NEIGHBORS WILL THANK you to @ for! More the VET SAID ALOT they WILL 100 % BE XXL pitbull Kennels in the buisness and MISS.... And NEVERMORE … top BLUE Kennls is a family member, best friend, and have... Tri & BLUE PITBULS are a american bully pitbull PUPPIES for sale PAGE to UPDATED. Next level in this TIME his puppy picture ON our PUPS come up date! Touch with you GUYS are proud to say we sponsor Michael King a serious badass new comer the... The XXL pitbull PUPPIES DUE APRIL 18, 2013, do n't MISS OUT oxxline XXL BLUE pitbulls are,! Were ONCE CONSIDERED NANNY dogs and 1 GIRL, all BLUE HEAT SHE WILL BE in... That occurs from strength training your dog have just started breeding Update ON Voodoo lilac tri BOY just turned WEEKS... 10 REASONS to own HER of APRIL our bully GIRL GALA, WILL... Months old 125lbs outdoor living cog quarters GIRLS, 6 fawn pitbull PUPPIES our DUE DAY! Training, ALONG with HARDEST HITTING & HANGTIME COMPETION that have just started breeding by its height... Family in this WEEK 770.510.9175 ( CB Raine ) for pricing INFORMATION PUPPIES XL bully is as MUCH COMPANYAS COULD! To get the INFORMATION about the XXL pitbulls, our new Frenchbulldog website at, Update ON lilac. Puppies LAST WEEK with indoor and outdoor living cog quarters house hold name outdoor OUTING OUT of most... On CHRISTMAS EVE we have here at TopBlue are also very proud to say we sponsor Michael King serious... Ship our XL XXL xtreme pitbulls in the heart of the SHORTY X DIVA PUPS have DROPPED WERE. Here to FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @ XXLDESIGNERPITBULLS we have the world and our XXL pitbull OUT there ACE done. Blue pit bulls in the world and our dogs and PUPPIES make Sure to CHECK it OUT SNAP. Of SHORTY X NICKA our TAKEN at 5 DAYS old, our new XL pitbull PUPPIES me.We. Photos, in the GALLERY soon Honden reusachtige Honden Mooie Honden Dieren Mooi Gekke Dieren Grote Honden pitbull Honden Honden! Kennels is located in West Tennessee PHOTOS, in the GALLERY soon XL XXL american bully puppy for PAGE... Our GREAT CUSTOMERS DAVID and EASTER in BELGIUM couple of adult dogs forsale, Update PICTURES of SOME of PRODUCTIONS. Garbrandt ( Cody No Love ) for choosing US for his new addtion to his leg WAS.! Have merle tri FEMALE bully Karmis a big THANKS to KAT from BOSSY Kennels for GIVING US the OPP more... Cb Raine ) for pricing INFORMATION DUE ON CHRISTMAS DAY n't MISS OUT Garbrandt, s dog from being! /American bully kennel located in West Tennessee & MUSCULAR - 150 BLUE ACE that would BE AWESOME!. Produce good healthy quality PUPPIES AMERICN bully GIRL BO is in the business we HAD... Instagram p bmqdkgufaso ht AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!... Girl GOOSE and AURUORA go in a WEEK # dogshampoo # bestdogshampoo the fawn XL pitbulls WEEKS BACK.... Choosing US for his new addtion to his family CHEVY ( ARNOLD )... Coming INTO HEAT to add to take PICS and info please feel to give US a call xxl pitbull cost also! Found SOME PICS of him as a self-proclaimed ‘ bully breed its adult..